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Parent Guardian Consent

Family Events will act in loco (in the place of a parent) from the published start time of the activity until the published end time. We are NOT in loco parentis for the child before or after the published times for activities or drop off.

Parents/Guardians must; collect their child on time, tell us anything they feel we should know about their child, be aware that visits to the toilet are in a public building that are used by all. If parents/guardians have concerns about this, they are welcome to wait for and supervise the child during toilet visits or breaks.

Note that Family Events cannot be responsible for any loss of valuables and that Family Events reserves the right to exclude any child whose behaviour disrupts the work of the group. Family Events has the right to decline over medical concerns or the inability to cater for specific needs of the child. If a child leaves the building without permission Family Events cannot be held responsible for the child’s safety.

Family Events will be filming and taking photos of the event and the children are likely to be photographed of filmed by Family Events, understanding that these images may be used in marketing Family Events future events. If you do not want your child your child to be filmed or photographed you will need to notify us but this may mean your child is excluded from certain activities. Family Events will allow its child protection and safeguarding policy on all participants. The information provided on this form will be kept on file and is confidential.